Milan To Bernina Express And Swiss Alps Day Trip 2022

A pleasure to travel, and it’s a fun journey as the train speeds up along Lake Como in the mountains… The Bernina Express is carried by an Allegra unit with non-reserved seats. Both the Bernina Express and the Glacier Express are beautiful scenic train rides.

My family and I preferred the smaller group experience of other tours we did. I highly recommend this experience and find that it was worth every penny. My only criticism is that the time spent in St. Moritz was a bit short, but understandable given the driving time. The direct train ride to Tirano takes about 2 1/2 hours and is a wonderful journey with stunning views of Lake Como. The Bernina Express is a 4-hour scenic train journey that runs in both directions between Tirano in Italy and Chur in Switzerland. The Bernina Express route covers 144 km and includes 55 tunnels and 196 bridges.

If you like snow, then winter is definitely the season for you. During the tour, you’ll pass icy glaciers and wild gorges, cross bridges cross-legged, and traverse circular tunnels. This north-south alpine crossing offers breathtaking scenery and views as you travel over bold curved viaducts and winding tunnels. After the train ride, see the exclusive resort of St. Moritz, stop at Switzerland’s best chocolate house, and enjoy free time to explore the “Top of the World” before returning to Milan in an air-conditioned coach. To find regional trains from St. Moritz to Tirano, you can use this website. I think you can buy tickets directly at the train station.

Therefore, 1st class seats offer more elbow room and fewer passengers per car. It also means that on one side of the hallway there are tables for two, which are more pleasant for couples than sharing a 4-person section in 2nd class. But there’s no difference in onboard service, the only thing you pay for are the lower density seats. 2nd class is absolutely fine, so you don’t have to go to 1st class unless you really don’t mind the extra cost. Only the Chur-Tirano Bernina Express trains, these St Moritz by-passes, are shown here.

From Tirano to St. Moritz it only takes about 2 and a half hours to get there, giving you a fantastic view, but it can also take you to your ski activities in no time. To get there, take a local train to Punt Muragl Staz between St Moritz and Pontresina or Punt Muragl between Samedan and Pontresina, see the Muottas Muragl train route map. It is a 250-meter walk from one of these two unmanned stops to the lower station of the cable car that goes up the mountain to the Hotel Muottas Trenino del Bernina Muragl. To check the train schedules, simply use the journey planner and make a request from anywhere in Switzerland to Muottas Muragl, which is the name of the upper cable car station right next to the hotel. The Bernina Express runs non-stop through Punt Muragl station, but local trains stop there. The Swiss Alps have a world-famous reputation for their spectacular views of pine-covered mountains, sparkling lakes, and views you won’t get anywhere else; making it almost surreal.

This is a beautiful race, through more mountains and along the shores of Lake Como with stops in Lecco, Bellano and Varenna, convenient if you are staying in Lake Como. The Interrail and Eurail global passes also cover the Tirano-Milan trains, which are operated by Trenord, a joint venture of Trenitalia and local private operator Le Nord. The passes offer unlimited travel on those TreNord routes owned by Trenitalia, including Tirano-Milan, although not on other Trenord routes owned by Le Nord. It is not necessary or possible to book, just jump up and look for empty seats. That said, you’ll want to plan your visit for what you want to see and experience in person. While summer offers the opportunity to enjoy views of verdant meadows and crystal clear lakes at their best, winter is an icy wonderland waiting to be admired.