How To Spend A Magical Night In Hurghada

His experience includes tours to the Hurghada hotel and a delicious lunch on board his ship. Whatever you are looking for, you will find it on our luxury Royal Yacht 6×1 trip. Discover the underwater world of the Red Sea with your personal dive master as you dive hand in hand in one of Hurghada’s most colorful dive sites.

By taking a cruise on the Nile, you can visit Abu Simbel, Aswan and Luxor in the south and enjoy the temples, graves and treasures of the Nile. Enjoy the Giza Pyramids, the Egyptian Museum, Sakkara in the north. Mosques, churches in Cairo and many sights in the city of Alexandria. Enjoy a tour of the beach in the east for diving, diving and swimming in the Red Sea. Every city in Egypt has its charm, history and taste where you can do many tours and activities. The main reason to visit Hurghada is the Red Sea, which is excellent for diving or diving.

Today, the Hurghada resort is almost unrecognizable from its previous life and has become the most visited tourist destination in all of Egypt, with over 100 different hotels, many of which are along the coast. Famous for its excellent diving opportunities, Hurghada is especially attractive for people with little diving experience, who marvel at underwater reefs and incredible sea life. Tourism is now a big part of Hurghada and every year many massage in Hurghada tourists choose to combine their holidays here with visits to other prominent places along the Nile Valley, including the relatively nearby city of Luxor. The Giftun Islands offer many opportunities for diving, diving and sunbathing, and it’s a great excursion to escape the hustle and bustle of the city. Giftun Island National Park is home to glorious coral reefs and incredible underwater attractions and is a paradise for divers and swimmers.

The climate in Egypt is perfect for many types of tourism and if you arrive in June, July and August go to the coastal towns. Those months are very warm with temperatures that can reach around 45 ° C and the humidity is about 70 to 80%, but it can be worn with the sea and the large nearby pools. That is why the period of the high summer season is also a bit busy, as hotels fill up with tourists from all over the world looking for a bargain, lots of sun, diving, snorkeling, etc.

The climate in Hurghada is quite tropical with a warm breeze and an average temperature of 24 C “75 F”. Another popular thing to do in Hurghada at night is to go on a quads safari in the desert at sunset. It is truly wonderful to experience how the sun slowly descends into the Egyptian desert landscape. Many of the tours are combined with other popular night tours in Hurghada.

You can organize diving trips through your resort or there are many diving schools nearby to book a guided tour. My glass bottom boat trip was two hours and came with life jackets, free diving masks to wear and fins. We had a guide with us in the water and some soft drinks included.

There were many things to see and they were all great, but the journey itself was very long. I recommend the trip, but I get a battery and install some games on his phone for a long journey. I accidentally booked my trip from another city instead of Hurghada. The trip is reasonably priced, but the camel ride and Nile River cruise each cost $ 10. They came up with all the highlights you need to see in Cairo. I wish more objective / historical information was given during the tour.